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Asbestos Removal in Caterham

Asbestos Removal Services Caterham, Surrey

T. 07518 009 114 / 020 8941 4433

Clearaway Asbestos can tackle the following in Caterham, Surrey:

  • Dismantling asbestos sheds and garages.
  • Reroofing sheds and garages where appropriate.
  • Collecting asbestos sheeting that has already been dismantled.
  • Removing asbestos from outbuildings and barns.
  • Taking asbestos from commercial premises and industrial estates.
  • Clearing asbestos from demolition sites.
  • Disposing of asbestos at authorised facilities.


We are an established asbestos removal company based in Long Ditton, Surrey.

We deliver a safe, professional and affordable service throughout Surrey, covering major locations such as Caterham, Sutton, Esher and Kingston. All asbestos handling needs are covered by our company and we are able to remove asbestos from domestic properties, garages, warehouses, commercial roofs and all other environments.

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