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Asbestos & Concrete Garage Removal

Asbestos Garage removal is one of the most popular jobs that we complete. There are so many garages that were built before the asbestos ban, so a lot of them contain asbestos-contaminated materials. If you have noticed any damaged or broken panels on your garage, you should get in contact with us immediately. Even if you want a new garage or need something repaired on it, you should contact us to come out and test for asbestos before any work is done.

When dismantling an asbestos contaminated garage the asbestos corrugated roofing is carefully removed then followed by the walls. Concrete garage walls rarely contain traces of asbestos but corrugated roofing on buildings constructed before 1990 invariably do.

Roofing sheets are removed whole (not bagged/broken) and then they are taken directly to landfill. In the majority of instances a skip will not be necessary and we complete most work in just one day. Here at Clearaway Asbestos we guarantee a neat and professional service so contact us today for your garage removal.

Garage Removal
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Asbestos Concrete Shed Removal

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Asbestos Concrete Garage Removal

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Asbestos Shed Removal

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