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Get Rid of Asbestos in Surbiton

Clearaway Asbestos has the skills and experience to remove asbestos from all types of properties. This is crucial if you’re planning any building work and could disturb asbestos in your building in Surbiton.

Unfortunately, many types of materials contain this mineral including old electrical equipment, heating systems, stippled ceiling finishes, bath panels and much more.

Artex & Asbestos Ceiling Removal

Whether you’re concerned about a corrugated roof, concrete garage, walls or ceilings, Clearaway Asbestos can carry out both testing and removal services in Surbiton.

Our work includes diagnosing whether Artex and textured walls contain asbestos, which is important if you’re planning on drilling into the wall or ceiling. This is because such work disturbs asbestos and will endanger your health.

When you breathe in asbestos, it can lead to a condition called asbestosis which leads to an increased susceptibility to cancer.

Asbestos is generally divided into two sub-groups: serpentine and amphiboles, with serpentine asbestos (also known as chrysotile or ‘white asbestos’) the most commonly used type of this mineral. Brown asbestos is the worst type of this material for somebody’s health because of its brittle fibres.

Our asbestos removal services in Surbiton include demolition and building strip-outs which comply with all health and safety regulations.

We cover the entire dismantling process and internal building strip outs in an organised and precise manner. Our team can carry out this type of work as part of a major building refurbishment program or in preparation for complete demolition.

When it comes to testing and sampling in Surbiton, we will send all samples to our UKAS Accredited Asbestos Testing Lab. Our standard surveys include Management Surveys Air Testing and the issuing of Clearance Certificates.

If you need an asbestos removal team in Surbiton, discover more about Clearaway Asbestos today.

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