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Asbestos Removal Services in East Mosley

Situated on the south bank of the River Thames, East Mosley has many detached properties and is close to the famous royal palace Hampton Court.

If you need efficient and professional asbestos removals services in East Mosley, Clearaway Asbestos has a skilled and experienced team ready to help.

We can carry out both expert testing and remove asbestos from commercial and domestic buildings, including sheds and garages. Our team can remove either licensed or unlicensed asbestos in East Mosley.

With our standard Management Surveys Air Testing, we can locate, wherever possible, the presence of any suspected asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) that could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy, or during any foreseeable maintenance and installation.

Artex & Asbestos Ceiling Removal

If you need expert asbestos removals in the area of Cheam, our team at Clearaway Asbestos regularly work in this area.

Used until the 1970s, asbestos is now a well-known health and safety hazard. Consequently, the use of this building material is illegal in many countries. Inhalation of its fibres can lead to many serious lung conditions, including asbestosis and cancer.

Whether you suspect an old building might have asbestos or you need to arrange removal services, we offer excellent prices for our professional services.

We work with both commercial and residential clients throughout Cheam. That includes concrete garages, sheds, roofs and ceilings. When it comes to surveys and testing, we have fully qualified and experienced P402 accredited asbestos surveyors along with those trained to remove this deadly material.

Along with asbestos removals, we also offer fly-tipping pick-ups and environmental cleaning, waste removal, complete garden clearances, machine hire for clearance works, site clearances, fire and water damage repairs or restoration, and insurance claims.

When it comes to Asbestos Testing/Sampling, samples will need to be positively identified by a special polarised light microscope. All our samples are sent to our UKAS Accredited Asbestos Testing Lab.

If you need asbestos removal services in East Mosley, simply get in touch for more information.
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