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About Us

Clearaway Asbestos is here to help with all your asbestos survey and removal needs. We are a professional, reliable and friendly company with years of experience. We offer complete asbestos survey, testing and removal on a range of buildings, properties and structures at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer care every time, whether working at large commercial sites or small backyard sheds and garages. All clients receive the best service from us no matter the size of their project.

Our Team

The team here at Clearaway is friendly and reliable. We have a professional team who have all undergone rigorous training. With years of experience and a wide range of knowledge, Clearaway Asbestos is the company for you. With times constantly changing, we ensure that our team’s training is always up to date and aligns with the latest health and safety procedures. This is so important and ensures that the team working for you will have the best knowledge and follow the most up-to-date rules.

Health and Safety Measures

With asbestos being such a harmful substance, it is essential that our team take the correct safety precautions to keep themselves and our customers safe. They will always wear all the right safety gear and masks to protect from breathing any asbestos in. The area they are working in will be contained so that it doesn’t spread to more locations than it needs to. This helps to stop contamination. Safety is our top priority, and we will always do everything we can to ensure safe removal.

Asbestos Testing

When testing the asbestos samples, we will send them to a professional testing lab to be sampled. They will be carefully examined and tested using the latest technologies. Sending them to a lab ensures you get the best and most accurate results for the samples. Once identified, Clearaway will discuss the following steps with you to help you remove your asbestos.